What the clients say


I love working with the team at Playtime. Their knowledge of the toy industry, and toy media specifically, is second to none. Combine this with fantastic creativity, powers of execution and a collaborative ‘one team’ approach, they have landed some brilliant campaigns for us. It was definitely the right decision to go with this specialist agency in a key category for Argos.


We enlisted Playtime PR to manage a 7-month PR campaign for a new product launch in 2016. We chose Playtime because they have an excellent reputation within the toy industry and they presented a campaign proposal that demonstrated a good understanding of our product and demographic, along with creative ideas that would best showcase our new product to consumers, trade and media. From the planning stage of the campaign, right through to delivery, the Playtime team was a pleasure to work with, communicating with us on a regular basis and providing insight, ideas and great project management. The team was very flexible in having to adapt areas of the campaign where necessary and extremely responsive to any media opportunity that came up. The results of the campaign exceeded our expectations, and we are very pleased with how the campaign was run overall. We will continue to use Playtime PR for future projects and would highly recommend others to do so, too.


Great team that delivers great results.

Rena Nathanson, Top Banana, Bananagrams inc.

I started working with Lesley over five years ago. She is an absolute phenomenon! Not only does she juggle all the PR, marketing and social media needs of the UK side of Bananagrams, she liaises with our US office daily and is an incredibly valuable part of the Bananagrams bunch! Her communication, negotiation and writing skills are second to none, always adding wit and humour! I am very grateful for all she does for Bananagrams, and in addition to that, she never lets me miss an appointment or deadline. She is a wonder!

NIAMH SHERWIN BARRY, DIRECTOR, The Irish fairy Door Company

Lesley and the team at Playtime are so easy to work with. Their strategic planning has impressed us from the start but it is their passion for toys that has really shone through since we started working with them in February 2015. With the fairly unique type of product that we have, we needed a PR team that truly understood what and who we are. Playtime ‘get’ us. They truly do, which is fundamental to our success in the future. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


Dean Tempest, Co-Founder, Linkee

Lesley is brilliant. She has been instrumental in helping us build the Linkee brand. From a standing start and shoestring budget she helped us to gain national media coverage in not only press, magazines but TV as well. Her ability to really understand our ambitions and aspirations for Linkee has been brilliant and made her an invaluable member of Team Linkee.

Graeme Fraser-Bell, CEO, Accentuate Games Ltd

After discussing our needs with Lesley we knew we had the ideal PR partner. From the first meeting we immediately liked the fact that Lesley is direct, genuine and focused on results. Playtime PR has an impressive track record in our sector and their passion for client projects generates substantial value. Lesley has proven herself an indispensable partner for the Accentuate team and brand. Lesley needs to feel passionate about her clients because she intertwines with their DNA!

Deej Johnson, author, ‘The Collins Little Book of BANANAGRAMS’

Now, Lesley uses words like “effective” to describe her results… She shouldn’t! She should say “outstanding” and double her rates. I’d still pay them. And no, I’m not joking. 

Neil Coaten, Head of Media Relation, The Open University

Lesley is consistently professional, reliable and committed; she is able to take a complex brief and successfully develop and undertake a PR campaign and tactics that both appeal to journalists while maintaining the integrity of the original material. Those attributes – together with her genuineness and openness – made it a pleasure to work with her.

Sheldon Press, Publisher, ‘Overcome Your Fear of Flying’

Lesley’s energy and commitment are impressive. Her campaign reached a very wide range of national and local media, achieving coverage of our book in dailies such as The Independent and the Daily Mail, as well as in travel and other publications. Lesley also successfully organised several radio interviews – no mean feat with three busy authors to collate. A highly professional and dedicated service.

Natasha Courtenay-Smith, Talktothepress.co.uk

Lesley far exceeded all my expectations when it came to raising publicity for my website. I really had no idea what to expect, but thanks to Lesley I ended up on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4, in The Guardian and The Independent, as well as on lots of different local radio stations. On the day I appeared on BBC Breakfast, I had over 600 hits on my website, far more than the 12 or so I was averaging each day at the time (the website was brand new!).

Nicky Dussartre, Le Manoir de L’Aufragere

You have put our business (and us, it’s all relative!) back on its feet. For the first time in three years we’ve not had to borrow any finance to put into the business, and our bookings are well on the rise again. Also, working with you is great, you make us feel like your only client! To us you are a part of L’Aufragere.

Bernie Wooder, Author, ‘Movie Therapy – How It Changes Lives’

Working with Lesley, a consummate professional, it quickly became apparent that she has her clients’ best interests at heart. I felt very looked after every step of the way.

Helen Christina, Author, ‘Bully Boss’

Lesley has proved to be professional, genuine, honest, reliable and passionate about her business. Most of all I enjoyed working with Lesley because she is sincere. The real deal. Thank you for being so instrumental with making my project happen.

Leigh Hunt, MD, Lotus Courses

I couldn’t be more delighted that I chose Lesley for the PR launch of my new business. She has such a bright personality and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend Lesley to anyone.