What the clients say

We’re confident of delivering effective and engaging campaigns here at Playtime, but don’t just take our word for it…

Vikki Kirby, Head of Communications, Argos
“I love working with the team at Playtime. Their knowledge of the toy industry, and toy media specifically, is second to none. Combine this with fantastic creativity, powers of execution and a collaborative ‘one-team’ approach, they have landed some brilliant campaigns for us. It was definitely the right decision to go with this specialist agency in a key category for Argos.”

Nancy Twynam, UK Head Of Marketing for Consumer Products, BBC Worldwide
“This was an incredibly effective campaign which met the key objective of having Hey Duggee own the conversations around hugs and the benefits of hugging. The quality of the collateral created for the media had a direct impact on the quality and level of coverage achieved and we’re thrilled with the results.”

Logan Stone, Brand Manager (SelfieMic), Worlds Apart
“We enlisted Playtime PR to manage a 7-month PR campaign for a new product launch in 2016. We chose Playtime because they have an excellent reputation within the toy industry and they presented a campaign proposal that demonstrated a good understanding of our product and demographic, along with creative ideas that would best showcase our new product to consumers, trade and media. From the planning stage of the campaign, right through to delivery, the Playtime team was a pleasure to work with, communicating with us on a regular basis and providing insight, ideas and great project management. The team was very flexible in having to adapt areas of the campaign where necessary and extremely responsive to any media opportunity that came up. The results of the campaign exceeded our expectations, and we are very pleased with how the campaign was run overall. We will continue to use Playtime PR for future projects and would highly recommend others to do so, too.”

Emily Maclennan, Director, Worlds Apart
“Great team that deliver great results.”

Harry Wallop, Feature Writer, Daily Telegraph
“Lesley is one of the very few PRs – and I’m talking people I can count on my hands – whom I fully trust as a journalist. She is a walking encyclopaedia about the ups and downs of the toy industry, and passionate too. When she says she has an interesting story or product to talk to me about, I listen to her.”

Sarah Ebner, Journalist, The Times
“I enjoy [their] pitches… consistently great ideas of how to involve clients in editorial… has helped me shape a number of pieces in the past.”

Billy Langsworthy, Former Editor, ToyNews
“I worked with Playtime PR for two years and can confidently say they are one of the best operating in the toys and games space right now. Efficient, creative and never losing sight of the fun nature of the brands … know how the trade press work and regularly provide genuinely exciting content for brands across news, features and opinion pieces. Lesley made my life easier on ToyNews, and helped me out on numerous occasions. An absolute star, an incredible PR, and most importantly, a right laugh.”

John Baulch, Publisher, ToyWorld
“I have always found Playtime PR to be an extremely hardworking and proactive outfit, which is passionate about the companies and products it represents. I have watched the company grow steadily over the past few years, yet it still retains the personal touch that sometimes eludes other PR operations. I find Lesley and her team a pleasure to work with, and their ability to help foster a positive partnership between ToyWorld and their client base is something my whole team appreciates.”

 Samantha Loveday, Editor, LicensingSource.net
“I’ve worked with Playtime for several years now, and I can honestly say they are one of the most efficient [agencies] I have come across (and I’ve been in trade journalism for almost 19 years)… a complete understanding and appreciation of how the trade press work.”

Rena Nathanson, CEO, Bananagrams Inc.
“I started working with Lesley five years ago. She is an absolute phenomenon! Not only does she juggle all the PR, marketing and social media needs of the UK side of Bananagrams, she liaises with our US office daily and is an incredibly valuable part of the Bananagrams bunch! Her communication, negotiation and writing skills are second to none, always adding wit and humour. I am very grateful for all Playtime does for Bananagrams.”

Dean Tempest, Co-Founder, Linkee and now Big Potato Games
“Brilliant… instrumental in helping us build the Linkee brand. From a standing start and shoestring budget… helped us to gain national media coverage in not only press, magazines but TV as well… ability to really understand our ambitions and aspirations.”

Graeme Fraser-Bell, CEO, Accentuate Games Ltd
“The ideal PR partner. From the first meeting we immediately liked the fact that Lesley is direct, genuine and focused on results. Playtime PR has an impressive track record in our sector and their passion for client projects generates substantial value… an indispensable partner for the Accentuate team and brand.”

Deej Johnson, Author, ‘The Collins Little Book Of BANANAGRAMS’
“Now, Lesley uses words like “effective” to describe her results… She shouldn’t! She should say “outstanding” and double her rates. I’d still pay them. And no, I’m not joking.”

Dr Amanda Gummer, Child Psychologist/Play Expert, Fundamentally Children/Good Toy Guide
“Lesley is one of the most professional and personable PRs I’ve met. A strategic brain, she sees the bigger picture so makes suggestions that enable companies to extend their reach much further than they would through traditional channels.”

Laura Seaton, Cision Top 10 Mummy Blogger, Managing Director of Blog On
“I have worked with Playtime many times over the past few years and I have found [their] approach to Blogger Outreach to be both refreshing and rewarding. They take time to understand not only their clients’ needs but also the needs of the bloggers they are working with.”