Blogger Engagement

Mummy bloggers, daddy bloggers, kid bloggers, tech bloggers, toy bloggers… the categories and labels are limitless. But this mighty community of parents, teachers, students, husbands, wives, PEOPLE have one major thing in common: chatter. They love to talk. If they like it, they’ll talk. If they don’t, they’ll talk. On their blog, on Twitter, on facebook, via live video streaming from the latest blogger gathering. And they’ll take photos too – Instagramming and Flickring and pinning all over the web every day of the week.

Your customers are almost certainly listening to them in one form or another, so bloggers need to be on your radar. By tapping into our solid relationships with bloggers across a variety of different sectors, you can take the quality-over-quantity approach every time, ensuring your products are seen and tested and played with and talked about by a hand-picked range of the most engaging, talented and scrupulous bloggers in the UK.