Our Experts

People of the media, we’re here to help YOU!

If you need to add an expert voice to your latest feature, blog post or transmission, we have an array of experts on-hand, with plenty to say on many matters. And opinions aren’t just geared around Playtime clients – we have a breadth of knowledge outside our own client-base, just ask!

Our current hot topics include:

  • The rise of board games, face-to-face games, social board games and board game culture in the UK
  • Retro toys – the value of/why are we so nostalgic/collectors’ items/vintage Star Wars toys
  • Playground crazes – from the yo-yo to Pokemon Go
  • Creativity in play
  • The view from retail – expert comment and opinion from the UK’s leading toy retailer
  • Tech vs traditional in the toy sector
  • Board games and grown-ups – cafes, clubs and more
  • The Top Toys for Christmas 2016
  • The top tech for 2016
  • The best board games for 2016
  • How new inventors are changing the shape of the toy sector
  • The rise of Kickstarter and its impact on the board game sector
  • From kitchen table to global success in the toy sector

To enquire about accessing any of our expert spokespeople, send us an email or call 01908 299 088.