The Irish Fairy Door Company hires Playtime PR

Playtime PR welcomes The Irish Fairy Door Company!

Heralding their rapid expansion into the UK market, The Irish Fairy Door Company has hired specialist toys and games PR agency, Playtime PR, to spearhead a proactive campaign to launch and support the range in 2015. Working closely with the exclusive UK distributor, Ackerman International, the team at Playtime PR will handle all aspects of the brand’s launch and ongoing PR needs this year.

The Irish Fairy Door Company imageCreated by life-long friends Niamh Sherwin Barry and Aoife Lawler, along with their husbands Oisin and Gavin, The Irish Fairy Door Company helps fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world by creating beautiful high quality handmade Irish fairy doors which can be installed virtually anywhere. What’s more, the creative team behind the brand ensures that the magic continues long after the fairy has moved in, with ongoing magical ideas and stories delivered to children and parents who register their fairy, via the Magical Matters website and app.

“We’re over the moon to be working with such a creative and magical company,” comments Playtime PR’s Lesley Singleton, “The team and I worked hard on devising a campaign which would reflect the true magic of the brand, whilst also addressing the complex need to tell the story beyond the physical product. The Irish Fairy Door Company sells so much more than beautiful handcrafted doors and decals – they’re selling a story, a dream and an ongoing relationship which makes genuine magic between parent, child and fairy possible. It’s certainly going to be a lot of fun bringing that to life! It’s exciting to be working with such a passionate team in Ireland and also with Ackerman International who clearly share in that enthusiasm.”

Niamh Sherwin Barry, Director at The Irish Fairy Door Company says, “We are incredibly passionate about our business. We believe that there is no other product on the market that represents the magical journey both the child and adult go on once they have a fairy come to live in their home. From the moment that magic key disappears the imagination ignites for the whole family, and having a continuous flow of magical content just enhances the experience further. We have been very successful to date in Ireland with bringing our products and concept to life. Of course the UK is our next stop and finding the right PR partner was extremely important to us. Lesley and her team blew us away with their genuine understanding of what and who we are, so there was an instant connection. We really believe that the guys at Playtime PR are going to be fundamental in helping us find as many human homes for fairies as possible in the UK!

The Irish Fairy Door Company was created just 18 months ago and has already seen sales in excess of 150,000 doors in 150 different countries. The range is distributed in the UK exclusively by Ackerman International. All trade enquiries: or 01279 408 208.

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Playtime PR – the new work hard, play hard PR agency for toys and games brands

Playtime PR

I need to face facts. I love toys and games quite possibly more than my own kids love toys and games. When Santa visited a few months back, my squeals of delight at seeing Pass The Pud were noticeably louder than my eight-year-old’s, and my weekend Dobble marathons are getting beyond competitive. My Lego-obsession is frankly ridiculous (thanks to The Simpsons, Ghostbusters and the incredible Art of the Brick exhibition in New York), while gossip has been replaced by tipsy sessions of Cards Against Humanity on nights out with the girls. There’s even the highly secretive games night I’m launching in my (ahem) ‘spare’ time with another toy/game addict.

It’s always been my ethos to work with people, brands and products I can truly get passionate about and it’s been over the past few years, since bringing in new business such as the mighty Bananagrams, Top Trumps and Linkee, that I’ve realised exactly where that passion lies. Toys. Games. Playing. Fun.

With this is mind, after eight years of running LS Media (and a decade prior to that working for other people, but I won’t bore you with that here – you can read more on this page if you so wish), I’ve decided to give the business bit of a revamp. A makeover, if you will. Oh OK, it’s a whole new business…

And so Playtime PR is born – a hardworking, toys- and games-obsessed PR consultancy, dedicated to brands in the play sector. An affordable, creative option for brands of all sizes, offering a meaty 360-degree approach, from one-off campaigns to long term retained relationships. My network of freelance talent has been extended to bring in a wealth of toys and games-related expertise, so clients can continue to benefit from a pool of skills and experience where needed.

Playtime PR launches this week with an impressive roster of clients in the toys and games sector – Bananagrams, Bizzy Bitz, Linkee, Winning Moves and A Girl for All Time – plus a number of projects still in the pipeline. If you fancy a chat about how to tap into my talent or contacts, drop me a line or call me on 01234 752 663.

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Bananagrams hires UK PR


I am thrilled to announce that Bananagrams®, Inc., the creators of BANANAGRAMS®, the award-winning anagram tile game named Toy Fair 2009 “Game of the Year,” has chosen LS Media to handle its entire PR function in the UK, with immediate effect.

I’ll be handling publicity for all five games in the Bananagrams family – including Zip-It, Fruitominoes, Appletters and PAIRSinPEARS – working on campaigns encompassing print and broadcast media relations, celebrity endorsement, blogger outreach, social media and much, much more.

This is a hugely exciting development for me and further reinforces my ethos of working with brands I can truly get passionate about. The games have been invented by three generations of the Nathanson family and are underpinned by a heritage which actively promotes family interaction through playing games together, a value I share.

For more information about Bananagrams and how your family can enjoy them, visit Bananagrams. PR campaign reaches 8 million in a fortnight


The UK national media has embraced the news that the world’s first ever garden camping website has launched – the founder’s initial press release got the ball rolling with coverage in Metro and on the websites of The Guardian and Red Magazine. Our launch PR campaign the following week kept the momentum going and has resulted in articles in The Sunday Times, The Independent on Sunday, Mail on Sunday, The Sun and Sunday Mirror, as well as the online versions and a number of other websites, reaching an audience of well over 8 million in the UK already.

We’ve also generated interest from BBC TV and ITV and founder, Victoria Webbon, has been interviewed by a number of local radio stations.

With plenty of press exposure still in the pipeline, this is an excellent start for – a unique business which lets home-owners earn a little extra cash by renting out their back gardens as temporary campsites for event-goers throughout the UK. What’s more, Victoria’s already seeing tangible results from LS Media’s PR campaign, with members on the increase and bookings being made between garden-owners and event-goers.

I’m as delighted as Victoria is with how this campaign’s panning out – it’s great to see the results in terms of both press coverage AND business enhancement.

Crucial advice from an expert client

Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Natasha Courtenay-Smith is one of my longest-standing clients. She’s a former national newspaper journalist and founder of press and publicity agency, Talk to the Press, which specialises in helping people who want to sell their story and those caught up in a media storm. As well as being a client, Natasha is often a crucial sounding board for me – a well-respected journalist who knows a good story a mile off. In this guest post, Natasha shares her tips for getting the press interested in YOUR product or service.

Will the media be interested in your product?

By Natasha Courtenay-Smith, director of

When you have something to promote, it’s easy to think all you need to do is hire a PR or a media agent, and next thing you know, whatever it is you’re up to, or the item you are trying to sell, will be gracing the pages of every newspaper and magazine in the land.

Things aren’t quite so straightforward, and often I feel for PRs who have a difficult task of promoting a product that is boring, offers nothing new and quite simply, despite their enthusiasm, you know full well (as a journalist) will never get any coverage. Take for instance the PRs tasked with marketing incontinence pads or cough medicine. In all honesty, they have their work cut out.

Before you even begin to think about your PR campaign, you need to know exactly what makes your product different and newsworthy, and lines such as ‘I think it’s the best available’ just won’t cut it.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the angle? It’s likely that the basic ‘New product’ angle is not good enough for most journalists. For example ‘new dating website launches’ is not interesting. There are already so many dating websites, why should anyone write about yours? However, the personal story (as long as it’s interesting and relevant) of the founder, or one of the clients, might propel your dating website into the news
  • Does it do, or offer, something new or better? Highlight these points as this is what will make your product stand out from whatever else is on the market, and perhaps provide the ‘newsy’ angle
  • Is there a celebrity connection? If so, push, push push that line. If not, send your product to as many celebrities you can think of who might find it useful and hope that they use it or recommend it
  • Do you have any statistics? Can you run a survey on your existing customers to create a news angle? You can ask them whatever you want, but the aim would be to create an angle for a story. For instance, we surveyed individuals wanting to sell their story to the press and created a press release about the ‘Top 10 reasons people sell their story’. If you have a breastfeeding product, run a survey to get a line like ‘Only 1 in 10 mums enjoy breastfeeding’ (or whatever your survey reveals). Remember you are looking for an angle that is topical and surprising that can be used to generate a news story

Talk to the Press has represented many individuals who have found themselves making headlines, including Ann Timson, who became known as ‘Supergran’ when she beat up a gang of robbers with her handbag, and Juliet Hill, whose daughter became the youngest person in the UK to have a gastric band. For more information visit

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