Board Game Club – September event announced

The next Board Game Club is set to take place behind the bookcase of The Jam Tree, Clapham on 18 September 2014. Switching to a Thursday, The Jam Tree will play host for a second time due to member feedback.

People who came along to our last event have been gushing about the venue ever since. It seems it wasn’t just the eclectic mix of party, board, dice and card games which made them smile; it was the sumptuous, secretive setting and awesome ambience it provided. They were as enchanted as we were by the mysterious bookcase bar and The Jam Tree team has been so supportive of our night that we’ve decided to return for a second run!

We’ll be refreshing the games menu yet again with a fusion of the retro, the new, the childish and the controversial, taking on board the comments we’ve had from guests both on and after the night. We love that our members are starting to give us really valuable feedback about the games we make available for them to try and it’s interesting watching the group evolve and really put the games through their paces.

And it won’t just be the games menu which will have Board Game Club members’ mouths watering – The Jam Tree is supporting the September event even further by offering all guests 50% off their food bill on the night.

It’s brilliant that The Jam Tree is getting right behind Board Game Club and will be helping us spread the word locally too so that we can open up the night to an even bigger crowd. And even though we’ll continue to tour our nomadic, grown-up games night throughout the Capital and beyond, it feels like we’ve found a bit of a spiritual home with these guys. They, like us, are passionate about creating an evening with a flawless blend of atmosphere, people and games. It’s a great backdrop for a ridiculously fun, and often raucous, evening.

– Board Game Club co-founder, Peter Jenkinson

Those who are new to the speakeasy-esque Board Game Club can expect an evening of pure, guilt-free game-play – retro childhood favourites sit side-by-side with Games for Badults and all contribute to a fast-paced, sociable, fun evening for friends and strangers alike.

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Board Game Club’s Clapham Success!

Board Game Club

As part of its ongoing tour, we took Board Game Club to a stunning new venue in Clapham last week. In a secret room hidden behind a bookcase in The Jam Tree, more than thirty journalists, bloggers, brands, inventors and table-top game lovers mingled with our hand-picked menu of games to suit every appetite.

We showcased a lot of newer games this time. This certainly shook up the dynamic of the Club – we virtually blackmailed people into trying totally different games before we’d let them near their usual favourites! Yes, Cards Against Humanity was in huge demand yet again but the surprise hit of the night was Esdevium’s Snake Oil. It fits the Board Game Club mentality perfectly – game-play is simple yet engaging, sociable, inclusive and totally unpredictable.

The Jam Tree was a superb venue and complemented our event really well. For such a sunny Tuesday evening, we were pleased to draw in such a large group of people for an evening of indoor gaming action and the feedback we’ve had again has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our intention has always been to tour Board Game Club, so although we’ll definitely be back at The Jam Tree in the future, we’re on the lookout for interesting and unusual bars and venues for our next two events. Our September event will be the biggest yet and we’ve already started working on our extra special ‘Christmas In December’ Board Game Club night.

The inventors behind shouty-outy trivia game, Linkee, joined Board Game Club and played quizmaster to a couple of rounds of their game before exploring the dozen or so other games on offer, while Kilogrammedia demonstrated Cartamundi’s new Shuffle games – the first app-linked games featured at Board Game Club. The brother-sister team behind brand new ‘guess the accent’ party game, Accentuate, were also on-hand to introduce Board Game Clubbers to the game which is hot off the press this week. Other new games featured on the night included Anomia and Dodekka (Coiled Spring), Liar Liar (Pants on Fire Games) and Dixit (Esdevium). A bank of Board Game Club favourites from previous events included Boom Boom Balloon, Dobble, Tenzi and Man Bites Dog.

Co-founder, Toyologist and part of the Playtime PR team, Peter Jenkinson adds,

We’re totally hyped-up after the July Board Game Club. People love the concept, we’re attracting an enviable mix of consumers, games inventors interested in testing concepts, brands who want to demo games and get immediate consumer insight and people from within the industry who just want to explore what’s out there. We’ve learned a lot from the past three events, particularly with regards to which games work best and which just don’t fit within this environment, so we can hone our games selection skills for the next events and deliver something really special in September.

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#BoardGameClub moves to Clapham in July

We’re really excited to reveal that the next Board Game Club will take place at The Jam Tree, Clapham, on Tuesday 15 July 2014. Find us in a secret room, behind the bookcase…

Playtime PR’s Lesley Singleton, Co-Founder of Board Game Club, comments: “Board Game Club is proving a huge success – we tripled guest numbers at our last event and have been bowled over by the positivity around the nights. People enjoy the handpicked mix of games that we have available, the guilt-free pleasure and also the agenda-free stance we take: this is purely about grown-ups getting together for a play with a quality mixture of retro favourites and brand new boxed games. We think it works because there’s no hard sell – this is about sharing our passion for games with like-minded people. Over cocktails and beers, naturally.”

July sees us add some brand-spanking new titles to the mix, as well as bringing back popular choices from the last two events. We’re also introducing a gong to ensure people don’t hog one game in particular and we’re seeking out a couple of interesting titles from overseas to mix things up a bit. Those who haven’t been to Board Game Club before can expect an evening of pure unadulterated game-play – kids classics and childhood favourites which crossover brilliantly for groups of grown-ups, as well as a couple of more risqué ‘Games for Badults’. This isn’t about hours of strategic gaming, though; the emphasis is on fast-paced, sociable fun with friends and strangers. People will leave with new mates and new ideas for games to enjoy in the future.

bookcase openAs Board Game Co-Founder, Peter Jenkinson explains:

“Our intention has always been to tour Board Game Club, so we’ve been busy seeking out the perfect places to take our night next. The Jam Tree in Clapham couldn’t be a better fit – in keeping with the secret, in-the-know feel of the night, Board Game Club will take place in a secret room hidden behind a bookcase! The atmosphere of the venue is a great match for our event and we’re looking forward to seeing all our Board Game Club founding members as well as new faces giving us a try for the first time.”

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About Board Game Club

Board Game Club is the brainchild of’s Peter Jenkinson and Playtime PR’s Lesley Singleton. Together they’ve created a speakeasy-esque grown-up games-night for London’s in-the-know crowd, where the mood is relaxed, secretive, under-the-radar and non-geek. It kicked off in March with a selection of hand-picked creatives, journalists, board-game fans and all-round-interesting-types who came together to sample a cool collection of table-top games and enjoy a few beers together.

Board Game Club second event BOOM!

It was a night punctuated in equal measure by the sound of popping balloons, tumbling cups, rattling dice, embarrassing accents, general screaming and the satisfying ‘click’ of an original vintage 1978 Guess Who? game. Yep, Board Game Club was back with a bang, quite literally, for a second night at BrewDog Shoreditch.

The sporadic explosions from Boom Boom Balloon set the tone for a night of silliness with over 50 games fans – a mixture of toy industry bods, media types, locals who’d stumbled onto the guest list after hearing about the launch, as well as our hardcore ‘founder’ members back for a second night of fun. Proving to be one of the hit games of the night, Boom Boom Balloon, a kind of balloon-based Russian roulette, had guests squealing throughout the night. They could only be distracted by Esdevium’s energetic Daniela, who whipped a large crowd into a frenzy with a stand-up game of Dobble.

Game inventor, Tim Short, brought along his Trivia Tower game and played quizmaster for the evening, getting everybody hooked on the game that’s like a colourful quiz/Jenga mash-up. Guests were also treated to a sneak preview of a prototype for a new game that’s launching in July – Accentuate. This brand new adult party game (which is one of my clients) is, in a very good way, possibly one of the most embarrassing games I’ve ever played and the majority of Board Game Club seemed to agree as they tried (and often failed) to guess which accent their team-mates were speaking in.

Tenzi, a crazily addictive dice-throwing game added to the soundtrack of the evening as players raced to throw all the same numbers. Cards Against Humanity reaffirmed its position as Board Game Club staple, with some players having to be physically moved on so that others had a chance to play the ‘party game for horrible people’. The vintage Guess Who? ticked the retro box, while Superfight, which we imported from the States especially for Board Game Club, was something brand new and got people quite animated as they tried to decide whose character would win in a fight.

The night also saw the launch of a partnership with the Uber London, offering Board Game Club goers a free ride worth up to £20 when they download the app and use the promo code BOARDGAME (new registrants only).

Other games at the second Board Game Club included Telestrations and Linkee (John Adams), Rory’s Story Cubes (Coiled Spring), 10-Up (Green Board Games), Taboo and Scattergories (Hasbro), a vintage Mastermind, Bug Bingo (, Man Bites Dog and Five Second Rule (University Games).

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