Beasts Of Balance – Christmas 2017

Beasts Of Balance – Christmas 2017
  • “Fashionable channels for product promotion: Influencers, YouTube, Let’s Plays. Thing that’s blown our sales thru the roof in U.K.: Philip Schofield & Holly Willoughby on This Morning.”
    Alex FleetwoodCEO, Sensible Object
In a nutshell…

What’s the best way to blend board-game mechanics with technology? Hoping to be seen as the answer to that question, Beasts of Balance had us handle their 2017 Christmas gifting campaign to generate coverage and increase sales… And ensure the game’s significantly higher RRP didn’t immediately diminish interest.


In order to drive maximum awareness among the core target audience – parents, families, gift givers and board-game lovers – it would be necessary to get Beasts of Balance in gift and Christmas guides, review columns and gaming interest articles.

We drew up a comprehensive list of key contacts that would be researching and collating gift guides, review features and articles. Implementing a relentless media-relations campaign from July onwards would give Beasts of Balance the best chance of securing stockist credits and coverage of the game itself.


Given the aim of generating awareness, our focus fell more on tactical communication than creative execution. Phasing the campaign from summer 2017 meant we could not only capture long-lead interest for inclusion in titles with Christmas Gift Guides, but also shorter-lead desks towards December. Outlining the game’s unique aspects within ‘traditional’ media platforms helped create intrigue and justify the cost of Beasts of Balance.

Our original press release used a cut-out shot of the unboxed product, alongside a tablet. The imagery put emphasis on both the connectivity of the game, which uses innovative technology by Sensible Object, and its stunning visual appeal.


Ongoing conversations with core desks meant that one week in November alone saw Beasts of Balance scoop coverage with ITV‘s This Morning, Channel 5‘s The Gadget Show, The Evening Standard and Yahoo. The client credited our campaign with a 100% increase in sales across key retailers, and a 250% spike in consumer sales.

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