About Playtime PR

Lesley Singleton“Of all the industries in which I’ve offered PR, the toys and games sector is the one that most captures my imagination. My name is Lesley Singleton, and my PR experience includes time with huge companies such as Blockbuster, Monarch & KLM Airlines, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group, and Universal Pictures.

In 2006, though, I began my own PR business, and found – through good fortune, great clients and recommendations – that I was carving a niche in the toys, games and leisure industry. Eventually, I chose to use my expertise in this area exclusively – and feel thrilled with the results!

Playtime PR’s current mix of clients includes big brands and the brand new. Some are traditional organisations, while others are smaller, including inventors and start-ups. They’re better able to tell you why they hire us in their own words, but many say they find our approach friendly, our expertise reassuring and our results effective. On top of that, you might also find we offer excellent value in comparison to a ‘typical’ PR agency.

The carefully-created team of experts at Playtime PR provide the necessary breadth of skills that make a communication splash. You don’t pay for a fancy HQ or a team that never touches your product: you pay only for the expertise that works directly on your PR. Working with the right people – people I like, respect and admire – is a huge motivation for me. This ensures we go the extra mile for every client and every project. You can meet the rest of the experts here.”

Playtime PR thrives on offering passion, value and expertise. It can help you with everything from launch campaigns, ad-hoc PR bursts, ongoing press-office functions and proactive media relations to events, tournaments, celebrity seeding, media sampling, blogger outreach, crisis management, social-media marketing and more.

If you like the sound of this, or have a question about how we can help you specifically, then we’d love to talk through the possibilities. Take a look at our results here, or call Playtime PR on 01908 299 088.

“Now, Lesley uses words like “effective” to describe her results… She shouldn’t! She should say “outstanding” and double her rates. I’d still pay them. And no, I’m not joking.” – Deej Johnson, author, ‘The Collins Little Book of BANANAGRAMS’