Sensible Object appoints Playtime PR as retained UK agency for Beasts of Balance

Sensible Object, the company behind the award-winning app-connected tabletop game, Beasts of Balance, has hired specialist toys and games PR agency, Playtime PR, to handle its UK PR in 2017.

In the challenging and fun game where ‘Jenga meets Pokémon’, players can work solo or with friends to build the biggest tower and get the highest score possible, by filling their digital world with fabulous beasts to nurture, evolve and cross before the tower topples and the world ends! Custom hardware seamlessly links the tower to a tablet or phone. The combination of digital and physical play creates unique challenges and means no two games are ever the same.

Playtime has been tasked with helping launch the new Kickstarter for Beasts of Balance, which is packed full of loads of cool stuff including the brand new competitive expansion pack Beasts of Balance Battles. Battles includes a NFC-card-based upgrade of the game as well as a brand new Legendary beast, and is set to appeal to the existing fan base whilst also attracting new players. The expansion sees game-play shift from collaborative to competitive, with players competing to evolve the most magnificent beasts in their region. Players can use NFC cards to affect other creatures in the game, making it more interactive than ever.

Playtime will also implement a full, proactive press office function for Beasts of Balance, comprising on-going media and influencer relations in the run-up to Christmas, as well as assisting with UK corporate communications for Sensible Object.

Alex Bertie, CMO at Sensible Object, says, “Beasts of Balance is loved by families, Kickstarter backers, and board game enthusiasts all over the world, as a collaborative game that combines cutting edge, beautiful design with technology in a game that fits the family setting and that connects with players of all ages! Our next evolution takes everything we’ve learned about the interplay of videogame systems and tabletop play, adding in new components and competitive game play to give players even more ways to play and keep playing.

“As we grow rapidly, we wanted to find a UK PR partner that understood our product, our market and our mission, and in Playtime we believe we’ve found an agency as unique as us. We’re gearing up now for a Kickstarter campaign in July as well as looking forward to a big Q4 and we’re confident that Playtime can help us knock it out of the park in our home market.”

Playtime PR’s Managing Director, Lesley Singleton, adds, “It’s not often a games company gets it absolutely right when it comes to combining tech and traditional board game play, but the team at Sensible Object has done a fantastic job and blew our minds last year when they brought Beasts of Balance to Board Game Club. As genuine fans of the game, it’s an honour to be asked to be part of the company’s growth and to assist in the evolution of the game. Working on the Kickstarter campaign is going to be exhilarating for the whole team and we’re looking forward to helping Sensible Object obliterate their target!”

Worlds Apart returns to Playtime PR for new game launches

Worlds Apart has returned to toy and games PR specialists, Playtime PR, to handle the UK launch of Woofy Woops and Spin to Sing.

These two app-enabled games from Worlds Apart show a commitment to this category after a hugely successful inaugural launch into it with their sell-out SelfieMic™ last year.

To complement the robust marketing campaign in place the Playtime PR remit is to further drive both titles into the nations psyche. A combination of influencer engagement, product placement, proactive news generation and media relations has been created to ensure exactly that.

Woofy Woops is a hilarious family game where reactions to the action of the canine are captured on a smartphone. Selecting its victim at random the canine and the app-powered play creates slow-motion footage of his cocked-legged decision to be shared and create smiles aplenty.

Spin to Sing is a multi-player karaoke style game with each singer taking a turn on the microphone, recording their performance and others voting on how well they did. A selection of jeopardy cards give a twist to the game and, at the end, everyone gets to watch a montage of the best bits.

Logan Stone, Senior Brand Manager at Worlds Apart commented: “The launch of these two new games is a strong marker for us showing a big investment into this space. After such a phenomenal job on the SelfieMic™ campaign in 2016 we’re delighted to be back with such a passionate and knowledgeable team for our next move. Their creativity on the briefs were really impressive, there was really no thinking twice about getting them back on-board”.

Playtime PR’s Managing Director, Lesley Singleton, adds, “We’re thrilled to be back working on what we see as an evolution in gaming. These two tiles are packed with innovation and together with the talented team at Worlds Apart the entire team are looking forward to getting on with our task.”