Board Game Club launches in Shoreditch

As the sun set on Shoreditch on Wednesday evening, a group of people gathered in a secret underground speakeasy-esque bar hidden behind a painting… an intimate, in-the-know crowd who’d come together to be part of the first ever Board Game Club. In the candlelight they sipped on BrewDog’s finest and indulged their common interest – games.

Set to a cool but uplifting soundtrack of 1920s blues and jazz, they effortlessly moved between games ranging from the risqué to the ridiculous and everything in between. Cards Against Humanity answers were offered in hushed tones at one wooden table, while the shouty-outy “LINKEE” was screeched from players in the corner, under the watchful eye of a winged-ferret. Jenga tumbled, dust was blown from an original edition of Mastermind and Rory’s Max Edition Story Cubes got creative juices bubbling. A couple cancelled their planned dinner date in favour of another hour of Bananagrams. And what DO you call a table-full of hipsters playing Dobble? Answers on a postcard please…

Board Game Club is the brainchild of Playtime PR’s Lesley Singleton and Toyologist Peter Jenkinson. Together they’ve created a grown-up games-night where the mood is relaxed, secretive, under-the-radar and non-geek.

“Going forward, Board Game Club will grow into a regular event with a real underground feel and cult following. We’ll switch venues, mix up the games and keep the original in-the-know feel central to everything.”

Want to get an invite to the next Board Game Club? Or do you have a game you think would work well in this setting? Send an email to the team at (And if you attended the launch and managed to get a photo of that winged ferret, send that in too please).

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Playtime PR – the new work hard, play hard PR agency for toys and games brands

Playtime PR

I need to face facts. I love toys and games quite possibly more than my own kids love toys and games. When Santa visited a few months back, my squeals of delight at seeing Pass The Pud were noticeably louder than my eight-year-old’s, and my weekend Dobble marathons are getting beyond competitive. My Lego-obsession is frankly ridiculous (thanks to The Simpsons, Ghostbusters and the incredible Art of the Brick exhibition in New York), while gossip has been replaced by tipsy sessions of Cards Against Humanity on nights out with the girls. There’s even the highly secretive games night I’m launching in my (ahem) ‘spare’ time with another toy/game addict.

It’s always been my ethos to work with people, brands and products I can truly get passionate about and it’s been over the past few years, since bringing in new business such as the mighty Bananagrams, Top Trumps and Linkee, that I’ve realised exactly where that passion lies. Toys. Games. Playing. Fun.

With this is mind, after eight years of running LS Media (and a decade prior to that working for other people, but I won’t bore you with that here – you can read more on this page if you so wish), I’ve decided to give the business bit of a revamp. A makeover, if you will. Oh OK, it’s a whole new business…

And so Playtime PR is born – a hardworking, toys- and games-obsessed PR consultancy, dedicated to brands in the play sector. An affordable, creative option for brands of all sizes, offering a meaty 360-degree approach, from one-off campaigns to long term retained relationships. My network of freelance talent has been extended to bring in a wealth of toys and games-related expertise, so clients can continue to benefit from a pool of skills and experience where needed.

Playtime PR launches this week with an impressive roster of clients in the toys and games sector – Bananagrams, Bizzy Bitz, Linkee, Winning Moves and A Girl for All Time – plus a number of projects still in the pipeline. If you fancy a chat about how to tap into my talent or contacts, drop me a line or call me on 01234 752 663.

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Lesley listed in the ToyNews Top 100 Women In Toys

Along with my clients Rena Nathanson, Top Banana at Bananagrams, and Frances Cain, CEO of A Girl for All Time, I’ve been featured in ToyNews’ list of the Top 100 Women In Toys. It’s a true delight to be recognised along with all the other talented women who work so hard in the play sector. And great to spot so many familiar faces from Toy Fair! Click the image below to read the full article and access the online edition of the magazine.

Rena and Lesley