Handbags, bananas, blogging and revision – welcome to summer!

My Facebook timeline is filled with virtual sighs of no-more-school-run relief, while my Twitter stream screams “WHAT’S THAT YELLOW THING IN THE SKY!” as the digital mercury on the weather station hits 20C at 7am. After what seems like an eternity of build-up this time, yes, the school holidays are now in full swing and, at last, the sun has its hat on here in the south-east.

I love the school holidays as it means my youngest has her brother home to be her permanent playmate and I get to enjoy the two of them together, really indulging in things that weekends just aren’t long enough for. At the same time, I’m still working on client campaigns around them, so it’s going to be an ‘interesting’ month-and-a-half… Over at I CAN, we’re in the throes of campaign planning while the Bananagrams campaign continues at full speed with meaningful blogger engagement and awareness campaigns around the new Jumbo and official London 2012 editions.

What’s more, I have a major new fashion brand launch to handle this summer! Exciting times indeed. Next week, I’ll be hitting the phones to longlead fashion writers, extolling the virtues of this new British handbag label, which is already causing a stir with the A-List celebrities I’ve been seeding over the past month. I’ll be unveiling the Spring/Summer 2013 launch collection – a simply stunning set of nine beautiful handbags in a variety of delicious on-trend colours… I can barely contain myself!

On top of this, I’m still studying for a degree and have exams to look forward to in September. So somewhere in amongst the calls to celebrity agents, the pitching to fashion eds, the client reports, the water fights in the garden, the daytrip to the Olympics and the inevitable rainy day crafting sessions, I’ll throw in a few hours of revision. And help my son with his blog. And maybe reach for the Pimms now and again…

How are you spending your summer? I’d love to hear!

Have a good one.