Client coverage in The Guardian

The Guardian

As part of the graduate publicity campaign I am working on with them, The Open University features prominently in a distance learning feature on page 7 of The Guardian today: click here to view

Around 700 graduates this year have provided us with a brief overview of their experiences of learning with the OU and it has been my job to read through all of these potential case studies, selecting and interviewing those I feel to be of most interest to the national and regional press in the UK. Two of these graduates, Jen Truby and Dani Preece, are featured in The Guardian today as they both have compelling stories about why they chose to study with the OU and what impact it’s had on their lives.

Further features with some of the many other 2012 graduates are in the pipeline and I’m still busy pitching case studies to national press journalists. There’s such a wealth of different stories to share and, as an OU undergraduate myself, it’s proving to be pretty inspiring stuff.